Dash has the ability to haul small loads, mid-size loads up to 12,000 pounds and heavy haul loads up to 45,000 pounds. We can also transfer material in remote areas with the use of our portable forklift, and our winch trucks can load/unload skid mounted items weighing up to 40,000 pounds. We are committed to meeting your needs 24/7, give us a call at 505-334-2123 for more information on our capabilities.

°   Trash Baskets in a variety of sizes
°   Gooseneck trailers and floats (with or without) safety hand rails
°   Secured rental space to store equipment / supplies in the Four Corners area

CERTIFIED: Dash is US DOT certified with Class A CDL drivers who meet or exceed DOT Regulations and we are registered as a HAZMAT carrier. Dash Hot Shot is a member of the BBB, Women Owned Certified (WBENC Certificate number: 2005114657), PEC/Premier member, a member of DISA, permitted in Jicarilla, Southern Ute and Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Lands and our NM Preference number is 93R16.


IRP and IFTA Registered in the following states: NM, CO, LA, OK, TX, NV, UT, AZ and WY (Upon Request, Dash will comply with proper registration in other states and/or provide Certificate of Good Standing and Compliance from the NM Office of Public Regulation Commission).


All trucks are fully insured. Upon request, we are happy to furnish you with a certificate of insurance. Dash Hot Shot's insurance policy covers the entire fleet and cargo during transport.